Who is Andrew Frankel’s Net worth, Wife, and Career


Andrew Frankel is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has had a remarkable career in the business world. This article will give you a comprehensive look at his biography, from his childhood and family life to his career success. We will also explore some inspirational lessons that we can learn from Andrew’s story and how he has made such a big impact on so many people’s lives.

Andrew Frankel Early Life

Andrew Frankel was born on August 20, 1974, in Philadelphia, United States to Stuart and Sharyn Frankel. His father, Stuart Frankel was a successful businessman and founder of Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc. in 1973. Stuart Frankel instilled in his son a strong work ethic early on. He grew up in an environment where hard work was expected, but he always had the full support of his father.

Andrew Frankel Sharyn was particularly influential in Andrew’s life as she encouraged him to pursue higher education despite the fact that his father wanted him to join the family business. She helped guide him through college and graduate school, which helped prepare him for his future career path. Andrew credits his parents with helping shape who he is today as well as encouraging his entrepreneurial spirit from an early age—something that would become invaluable later in life.

Andrew Frankel Educational Background

Andrew Frankel has achieved incredible success in his career due to his strong educational background. He attended the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

During his time at Penn, he was an active member of numerous student organizations and gained valuable leadership experience by serving as president of the Penn Economics Society. Frankel credits this experience for giving him the knowledge and confidence to pursue his professional ambitions.

Andrew Frankel Career

Andrew Frankel is a prominent figure in the business world, having been co-president of his father’s brokerage firm since 1993. He first joined Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc. after graduating college in 1987, where he worked as an institutional and retail trader before ascending to the positions of executive vice president in 1992 and co-president the following year.

This accomplishment was made possible by Andrew’s ability to recognize opportunities and navigate challenging situations, making him highly sought after for his strategic thinking skills.


With more than two decades of experience as a broker and executive at the firm, Andrew has established himself as an important figure in the finance world. He has also been recognized for his leadership skills and innovative approach to investing by numerous organizations throughout his career.

As co-president at Stuart Frankel & Co., Inc., Andrew oversees all areas of the business from investments to risk management to compliance. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals and making sure that their investments are managed responsibly.

Andrew Frankel Wife

Andrew Frankel has had two marriages in his life, the first of which ended amicably and led to three boys. The American businessman is currently married to actress and model Bridget Moynahan, a union that has produced one son.

Prior to his marriage with Moynahan, very little was known about Frankel’s previous relationship or his three sons from that union. However, after he married Moynahan in 2015, there have been few details revealed about Frankel’s children. Their names are Griffin, Jack, and JB.

Frankel met Moynahan on a blind date set up by mutual friends; eight months later they became engaged and were married shortly thereafter in October 2015. To this day their relationship remains strong despite the differences in their respective industries and backgrounds.

Andrew Frankel’s Net Worth

Andrew Frankel is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. With a net worth estimated at $100 million, he has gained wealth and recognition through his various business ventures. His investments span a wide range of industries ranging from retail to real estate.

Aside from his business ventures, Frankel is also known for his involvement in numerous charities both nationally and internationally. Over the years he has donated millions of dollars to causes ranging from education to healthcare reform.


Andrew Frankel Zodiac Triats

Andrew Frankel is an August born who has an abundance of qualities and traits that make him stand out. Being born in the month of August, he has a unique combination of Leo and Virgo influences which can be seen throughout his life. He is someone who is ambitious and determined to reach any goal he sets for himself. His strong willpower and leadership skills are what drive him to success, but it’s his intelligence that sets him apart from others.


He is confident yet humble, charismatic yet responsible, passionate yet practical – all at the same time. Andrew loves being around people as much as he loves being alone with his thoughts; this balance helps him stay grounded while understanding things from different perspectives. He always puts others’ needs before his own despite how difficult tasks may seem; this speaks volumes about his sense of morality and empathy towards those around him.

Lessons From Andrew Frankel’s Life

Andrew Frankel is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He believed in giving back to his community and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. He is an inspirational role model who teaches many lessons of resilience and generosity.

He is a man who believes that having a clear vision and the right attitude can help you reach your goals. He also emphasized the importance of taking risks and being open to new ideas. His enthusiasm for learning allowed him to take on new challenges with confidence.

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