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Yify TV – Best Streaming Sites like Yify TV to stream movies for free


Would you like to know about the best streaming sites like Yify TV to stream movies for free? If yes, then you should consider sticking around. Yify TV is an open-source website where users can come and watch their favourite movies and TV shows for free. But due to their practices being illegal in the eyes of the law, they are not bound to last for a long time. Websites like this get taken down a lot due to copyright infringement and the company is forced to create a new domain, and the cycle continues. This is why users always search for the best alternatives for any given movie website. So when it’s down, they have another movie website to visit and catch up with their favourite TV shows.

Best Streaming Sites like Yify TV


Popcornflix is an open-source website just like Yify TV. Movies and TV shows are free to watch and download. Their library is huge and features popular genres like Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Action and Romance. There is a category on the website called “new arrivals”, where users can see the newly uploaded movies or TV shows.


Hulu is a popular streaming service albeit not free. One of the advantages of the platform is that users won’t get those annoying pop-up ads that disrupt user’s experience. With a monthly fee of $7.99, user can have access to Hulu’s library of movies and TV shows.


MovieTube is one of the best streaming sites like yify TV to stream movies for free. They claim all their contents are legal and acceptable in the eyes of the law. It is a good platform to stream and watch interesting movies and TV shows. Their uploads are always on time, immediately the movie or shows airs.


This is a website I’ve used in the past to download TV shows and movies. It is a popular and household name for every free movie lovers. One good thing about 123Movies is that a user can request for a particular movie or TV show to be added to the website. The community is awesome and recommend for all movie and TV show lovers.


This is also another interesting website for movie lovers. It is ideal to binge-watch on JustWatch as they have a gigantic collection of movies across all genres. The platform also has a mobile app called “justwatch app” for easy streaming and downloading of their contents.


Almost all core free movie fans know about Putlocker and what they offer. It is one of the best free movie websites out there. Like Yify TV, Putlocker has been hit with copyright infringement multiple times and has managed to come back up. They upload the latest and trendy movies immediately they air in cinemas. You can watch your favourite movie on Putlocker the same day the movies air in cinemas.

Next on the list is Cyro. This platform is very similar to yify TV in terms of the layout, design, and user interface. There has been no official claim of them being related in any way. For fans that love yify TV and want to stick with something similar to that, then Cyro is the website for you. Their movie and TV shows contents are updated hourly.

These are the best streaming sites like Yify TV to stream movies for free. We strongly advise that you bookmark all the website and visit daily to download or watch your favourite movies and TV shows. Also, in case one of the websites gets taken down, you can visit another one to get the movie you want.

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