How to Check Airtel Number with USSD Code 2021

How to Check Airtel Number with USSD Code


In this article, we will learn how to check Airtel number with USSD code, Airtel number check code, how to know your Airtel number details, and how to check your Airtel balance. So, let’s begin!

There are some people that have multiple SIM cards, and most times it is hard for them to remember their mobile numbers. The acquisition of numerous SIM cards could result from an individual trying to benefit from a new tariff or a fantastic data plan that a telecommunication network offers.

There are various ways to check for one’s number, but we will focus on the Airtel SIM number check, So let’s talk about how to check Airtel number with USSD code. Want to learn more, you can also check out our guides on how to download and use Airtel TV App to watch movies for free, Airtel Family and Friends, Airtel Nigeria Customer Care and fantastic Airtel data plans.

Airtel SIM Number Check

To check Airtel number, you have to ensure that the Airtel number you want to check for is inserted into a phone and the phone is turned on.

It is also worthy to note that Airtel numbers are eleven(11) digits and the first four(4) numbers appear like 0802, 0808, 0902, 0907, 0701, and 0708.

How to Check Airtel Number With USSD Code

The Airtel number check USSD code is so easy to use. 

All you need to do is 

Dial *121#  or *198# on your Airtel line.


 Immediately, several on-screen options will appear. You will have to select “Manage My Account” by imputing 2.

You will then be directed to another screen that will display the following options below:

  1. My Data Balance
  2. My Balance
  3. My Data Plan
  4. My Number
  5. My Tariff Plan
  6. KYC Status
  7. My PUK
  8. My Serial Number

Now, to check your Airtel number, enter 4, and it will appear.

Other Ways To Carry out the Airtel SIM Number Check

Apart from using the USSD code to check your Airtel number, there are other ways you can check your Airtel number. They will be listed below:

1. Dial A Family or Friend’s Number To Check Your Airtel Number

You can also check your Airtel number by recharging your Airtel line with N100 airtime or above. Then call another line.

2. Send Text To Another To Check Airtel Number

As long as you have above N4 on your Airtel line, you can send an SMS to another number. Then you can check the sender’s number. That is your Airtel number.

3. Call Airtel Customer Care And Demand For Your Airtel Number

If you are not willing to use any of the above methods to check Airtel number, you can call the Airtel customer care line. 


To call the Airtel customer care, dial 111 >> reply 1 (manage your line) >> reply 6 (retrieve your phone number). An Airtel customer care representative will speak to you, then ask the person to share your Airtel number with you. We also recommend that you should write it down. Alternatively, you can call Airtel Customer care by dialing the code 122 or 198 on your mobile phone.


4. Check your Airtel Mobile Number with Airtel Mobile App

If your Airtel SIM resides in your smartphone, then using the Airtel Mobile app allows you to check your airtel number quickly. Simply download the MyAirtelApp here.

Next, go to the ‘Homepage’ of the MyAirtelApp. There you will find your Airtel number, plans for your SIM, data balance, and other information. 

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know that finding your Airtel number is not something you should worry much about anymore. So, use this guide on how to check Airtel number with USSD code 2021 whenever you need to check your Airtel number without fuss.  You can also click here to learn how to check Airtel Airtime and Bonus balance.

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