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10 Best App Killers For Android Devices


Do you wish to know the best app killers for android? This article is just the ultimate guide you require. Come on, let’s dive in!

There are lots of Android devices in the market that come with amazing specifications, but not everyone makes use of the latest operating system or smartphone. Therefore, most Android users face challenges when it comes to their phone performance and battery life.

If you have been looking for a solution to such issues, then this article on Naijaonlineguide is just what you need. App killers can solve your problems. Though, another challenge is that there are lots of app killers in the market and not all can solve your problems.

So, in this article, you will get to know the best app killers for your android.

Read on!

Best App Killers For Android

Below are the best app killers for Android.

1.      Advanced Task Manager

Advanced task manager is among the best app killers for Android. It is available on Google Play Store and performs mainly as an Android optimization app. It helps optimize battery life, clean the RAM, serves as an app killer, and so on.

The advanced task manager has two different modes when it comes to killing apps. They are the Auto and Manual modes. For the Auto mode, all apps and tasks that are running in the background are killed by the app. While for the Manual mode, you have the opportunity to kill apps, begin to kill, set up a regular kill, and many more. 


The app has a list of all running apps and ignores lists. With the ignore lists, you will be able to whitelist wonderful apps that you want to kill accidentally.

Advanced task manager comes with a virus scanner that enables you to remove dangerous files that can hurt your device. It also comes with a good batch uninstall feature, which helps you get rid of unwanted apps from your device.

The app is free, though it comes with ads. To download, click Advanced Task Manager.

2.      System Panel 2

System panel 2 is among the app killers for Android. It permits you to do a lot of things, by showing you active apps, recording app battery, CPU, and wake lock usage. With this killer app, you analyze what consumes your battery. The app also allows you to disable individual services of apps, system packages, and many more.

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3.      Greenify

Greenify is an app that is popular for saving batteries. It is part of the app killers for Android. Though, the way Greenify operates is to identify apps that run the battery down a lot and reduce the time they run in the background by sending them to hibernation mode, rather than outrightly killing them. This will help boost your android device performance and enhance battery life.

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4.      Task Killer

TaskKiller is rated as one the best app killers for Android, available on Google Play Store. This app allows you to select apps that you want to kill or automatically kill all apps that are running in the background. It also has ignored lists that can allow you to select the apps that you do not want to be killed.  Task killer app shows you the CPU temperature, the amount of memory that you are currently using, and many other features.


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5.      Servicely

This app is popular for its battery-saving powers. Servicely, allows you to enable or disable permanently any service on your device. It gives a detailed overview of all the apps installed and running in the background of your device.

Servicely is a good app that can help your battery life, but it works only on rooted Android smartphones.

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6.      Task Manager

If you are looking for one of the best app killers for android that is simple to use, then you should go for Task Manager. This app will monitor and kill all apps that are slowing down or running down your battery. It also manages the app-killing process, by selecting apps that you need into the ignore lists and killing the rest. Task manager shows the consumption of your RAM in real time.

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7.      Skit

Skit is meant for people looking for easy and best app killers for Android. This app gives you good details of every user and system application.

With Skit, you can stop any service or activity going on. It frees your device and gives it great speed for more productivity.

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8.      KillApps

Kill apps are among the best app killers for Android, available on Google Play Store. This app will help you free up your phone memory, sustain the usage of the battery, and speed up your device.

It possesses an auto-kill feature and stops the apps that have been killed from restarting. It also has ignored lists feature, which enables you to sort the apps you do not want to be killed. Kill apps can close background tasks and services, with just one click.

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9.      Clean Master

Clean master is among the best app killers for Android, available on android. It has some great features that can boost the productivity and speed of your phone. 

Amongst its features are a private photo vault, free anti-virus, junk file cleaner, battery saver, a phone boost feature that clears up your RAM, and another feature that permits you to clean up unwanted WhatsApp files.

This app operates under the disguise of a battery saver. Then, it gives you a list of various apps that drain your battery, so it is left for you to hibernate the apps that you do not want running in the background.

Clean Master would help preserve your battery life and enhance the performance of your device.

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ShutApp is among the best app killers for Android. With ShutApp, you can stop battery-draining apps instantly, with a single click.

The app is user-friendly, and it has three main sections. These sections are: 

  • It permits you to hibernate some apps 
  • Once your phone is not in use it can hibernate the CPU
  • You can hibernate settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Sync and they will automatically go off once they are not in use.

ShutApp can help you save your battery life and gives you the percentage of optimization of the device when it is turned on.

ShutApp is a great app, though it comes with ads that pop up frequently on your android device.

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Now, you have known the best app killer for android, so go ahead to enjoy your android device. Expect great battery life for your android. 

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