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10 Best Video Chat Apps For Android and IOS


Do you know more about the 10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android and iOS? If you need the best chat apps with video calls, or best video calling apps for android, or the best video chat app download, this article got you covered. 

In recent times, many people have lost touch with their family, friends, and colleagues due to the restriction measures put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people miss their loved ones. But, there is good news for such people.

Modern technology has made Video Chat apps for Android and iOS. These video chat apps will help close the gap between loved ones virtually.

So, even if you intend to catch up with an old friend or chat with a family member, or even attend a meeting from home, there are amazing apps that you can use in reaching out to people without you being physically present.

The best video chat apps for Android and iOS would be revealed in this article. Are you itching to know more? Then keep reading!

Best Video Chat Apps For Android And IOS

In no particular order, the best video chat apps for Android and iOS will be displayed below.

1) FaceTime

Video Chat Apps For Android and IOS

FaceTime is Apple’s proprietary video chat app and is still among the best video chat apps in the market. This app is exclusively meant for iOS and macOS users. With a good WiFi or internet connection, FaceTime users can make quick video calls. It has a user-friendly interface.

IOS users can quickly begin a video chat from anywhere they see a contact in IOS. Group FaceTime calls and even add Animoji and Memoji across your face during a video chat conversation.

Incoming Video calls on FaceTime no longer take over your screen, they instead appear as a banner, and you can decide to receive or decline it. FaceTime also has a current feature known as FaceTime Eye Contact. The Eye Contact feature can alter your image during a video call and make it look like you are looking directly into the caller’s eyes.

Download FaceTime For IOS

2) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among the best video chat apps for Android and iOS in the world. WhatsApp has billions of people using it, and it is one of the most convenient video calling apps you can use today.

It is pretty easy to start using WhatsApp video calling services. All you need to do is go to the selected WhatsApp contact of your choice and tap the video call button. It can also alternate between your data and WiFi connection to ensure that you have a smooth conversation. It also allows you to view other messages while you are still on a video call.

WhatsApp now has a group video calling feature, which allows you to speak to up to 8 individuals at a time. The downside of WhatsApp is stickers, fun filters, and so on can not be applied during video calls, and one can not make a video call with a desktop computer. Do you also know that Whatsapp now allows you have room calls where you can talk to about four people at a time? Sure it does, and you should check it out.


Download WhatsApp For IOS

Download WhatsApp For Android

3) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is part of the best video chat apps for Android and iOS. It is considered the favorite video calling app for most people.

The Facebook Messenger video chat is very user-friendly. All you need to do is open the app, select the contact you want to call, and tap the video camera button that is usually located at the top-right corner of your screen.

This app also has a group chat feature. All you have to do is select an existing group or create a new group and tap on the call button. It also has a Watch Together feature that allows you to watch films and TV shows together with friends or family members.

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook Messenger over other video chat apps is its vast availability. It also permits you to follow up on other chats while you are on a video chat. There are other beautiful features on Facebook Messenger.

Download Facebook Messenger For IOS

Download Facebook Messenger For Android

4) Google Duo

Video Chat Apps For Android and IOS

Google Duo is another fantastic video chat app for Android and iOS. It has a user-friendly interface. With Google Duo, immediately you open the app, the camera turns on automatically. And as your contacts list increases, making a video call becomes very easy, with just a simple tap on the contact’s name. 

Different fun mask effects or AR effects can also be added while having a video chat, and you can chat with an individual or do a group chat with up to 32 people. Duo’s has a great feature known as Knock Knock, which turns on the caller’s camera before the call is picked. 

It has one of the best video quality when compared to other video chat apps. One can also leave a video just in case the contact is not picking up the call. The duo can also alternate from a WiFi connection to your cellular data for a smooth connection anywhere.


Download Google Duo For IOS

Download Google Duo For Android

5) Zoom Meeting

Video Chat Apps For Android and IOS

Zoom Meeting happens to be a fantastic video chat app that has gained a stable fan base over the past few years. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a new normal, and most professional teams have used this app to keep in touch and have official meetings. Other people also use the video conferencing tool to stay connected with friends and family members. 

This app also has a desktop version, with great features such as Screen sharing and annotations, suitable for business meetings. 

The free version of this app is ideal for a one-on-one chat with a friend or colleague. If the participants to your meeting on Zoom are up to three, your video call will be limited to 40 minutes. 

The upgrade pro version costs $15/host per month and gives you the leverage to add up to 100 participants to your video call, with no time limits.

Due to some security issues during Zoom calls, it is advisable to password your meetings on zoom.

Download Zoom Meeting For IOS

Download Zoom Meeting For Android

6) Slack

Slack is another beautiful video chat app that has gained increasing popularity in recent times. This app is a bit different from most video chat apps because it serves as a central place for communication and attracts a third party for it to work effectively.

It is an excellent way of communication, and it is suitable for sharing files. It is compatible with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Its free version permits only one-on-one calls. The paid version is quite expensive, though it supports group calls. Slack was redesigned currently, and it is now very user-friendly.

A remarkable feature of Slack is the ability to go through a whole conversation for specific words. So, finding what was discussed is just simple.

Download Slack For IOS

Download Slack For Android

7) Marco Polo

Marco Polo is also part of the best video chat apps for Android and iOS. This app offers unique video chatting capabilities by not waiting for everyone to gather but rather drop a video message that people can watch whenever they are free. They can also reply either by texting or by quick photos.

This app has lots of reviews with excellent recommendations. The major disadvantage of Marco Polo is the price. Though, the free version is made up of unlimited chatting and groups. It also has fun filters and voice effects. But, to enjoy custom emojis and voice-only Polos, one would have to pay for the Plus subscription. The Plus subscription costs $10 per month or $60 per annum.

Download Marco Polo For IOS

Download Marco Polo For Android

8) Discord

Discord is popular among most gamers because they use it to connect through text. Discord is also a fantastic video chat app. 

This app also allows streaming in the app itself. Gamers can also stream the contents of their screen with a group of friends during gaming sections.

Discord has been upgraded, and up to 50 people can watch the in-app streaming. Though, if one upgrades to Nitro, which costs $10 per month, one can increase the streaming quality to 1080p/60 fps, up from a max of 720p/30 fps for the free tier.

Download Discord For IOS 

Download Discord For Android

9) Skype

Skype has been famous as one of the best video chat apps for Android and iOS. It is an excellent app from Microsoft and allows up to 50 people, and it is free.

It has a browser client, and it is available on current Android, IOS, and computers. Skype has a feature known as “Skype Meet Now” that allows you to set up instant meetings with individuals that do not have a Skype account. It also has a group calling feature that will enable you to talk to lots of people at a time. Skype permits background change, and it integrates well with Office 365.

Download Skype For IOS 

Download Skype For Android

10) WeChat

WeChat is the last on our list of best video chat apps for Android and IOS. This app is famous for being an excellent alternative for most communication apps. It functions as a mixture of Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter into one app. 

WeChat allows one to share photos and videos directly with other WeChat users or posted directly on their profile. It also has a feature known as Shake that enables WeChat users to find other users in their vicinity to chat locally.

With WeChat, one can do video chats, group chats, and emoticon sharing. And the app is totally free.

Download WeChat For IOS 

Download WeChat For Android

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