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Biggy 237: How to Watch Big Brother Cameroon Live, and Everything You Need to Know


Have you heard about the Biggy 237? Cameroon’s version of the Big Brother Naija reality show is up and running. Here’s everything you need to know about this show.

The new Biggy 237 is a novel creation made for the people of Cameroon, although you can enjoy the reality show from anywhere in Africa.

This much envisaged show, just commenced on 2 August 2020, and the winner would go home with a huge star prize of FCFA 10 million.

The Biggy 237 show is focused on breeding talent, motivating and encouraging young Cameroonians. This talent show displays huge innovation, skill, creativity and loads of talent of its contestants, while keeping the public and its viewers greatly entertained.

Origin: Who created Biggy 237 Cameroon

The show was launched by a group of Northwest region Cameroonians known for their mantra “We love Ndop”. Ndop is a actually a small town in north-western region Ngoketuniga.

Before the live show, four months, the pilot project tagged “Big Broda Ndop” operated and concluded at Holiday Inn Limbe and the winner “Mboufoung Carine” declared winner.

Although we are just seeing the Biggy237 on a large scale, the show actually kick-started in August 2019. At the onset, the show was distrusted by the public in the country. Nevertheless, it is fast gaining popularity as a result of its side by side contests for publicity with Nigeria’s BBNaija show and the throes of the COViD-19 pandemic.

Biggy 237 Contestants and Overview

The Biggy 237 show, includes twenty-five (25) young girls and boys and below twenty-one (21) years.


These young contestants have been inside the “Biggy Mansion” since 2 August 2020 in pursuit of the star prize of FCFA 10 million and an all-inclusive trip to Dubai.

Though, this show was initially scheduled to commence some months back, but was postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

However, the organizers confirmed that they have put in place all necessary measures to ensure that all the contestants compiled with the firm medical rules before they entered into the “Biggy Mansion.” This implies that all the contestants went through the COVID-19 test and passed successfully and also went through other medical-related tests such as Hepatitis, HIV, Chlamydia and so many others, and they also passed successfully.

The contestants were also quarantined for two weeks beginning from July 18, 2020, to 1 August 2020, and they eventually entered the “Biggy Mansion” 2 August 2020.


Since Cameroon is mainly a French-speaking country, the organizers added an interesting feature in the Biggy 237 show, which is the variety of different languages for different days, so that other viewers can follow up on the show.

Biggy 237 contestants in the “Biggy Mansion,” on Mondays and Saturdays, must communicate with “English”. On Tuesdays and Fridays they are meant to communicate with “French”. On Wednesdays, they communicate with “Pidgin”, on Thursdays, they communicate with “Franglais”. Finally, on Sundays, they are meant to communicate with “English and French”.

In the “Biggy Mansion”, daily tasks which are centered on peace, dwelling together, and also on the prevention of COVID-19, are given to the contestants.


How to watch the Biggy 237 Cameroon Show

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The organizers of the Biggy 237 show, have made Biggy 237 TV HD, which would screen the show to the public. However, you can also follow the show via their YouTube and Instagram handles.

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