How to check MTN Airtime and Bonus Balance on your Phone


MTN is one of the largest and leading network provider in Nigeria and Africa at large. They often run many promo plans and services with bonuses. Mtn has different data plans and tariff offers for its customers and as a subscriber, it is good to know that you can quickly dial a code to get what you need.

This article will help MTN subscribers on how to check MTN airtime and bonus balance on your phone. This is important if you’re a customer of MTN. It is good to be aware of your airtime balance always. And also know and check if you have a bonus balance on your MTN SIM. Mtn also has dedicated customer care on ground to handle all enquiries and you are free to contact them

How to check MTN Airtime Balance

Checking of your MTN airtime balance is rather simple and easy.

Below is how you can check your MTN airtime balance;

  1. Dial *556# this USSD code is very popular and common
  2. Wait for an instant pop-up message that will reveal to you the airtime balance left on your MTN SIM.

How to check MTN Bonus Balance

If you’re wondering if you have any bonus on your MTN SIM.

Below is how to check your MTN bonus balance;

  • Dial 55965# and wait for an SMS
  • This USSD code will reveal details of any bonus balance you may have on your MTN SIM.

What is MTN Awuf4U

MTN Awuf4U is a special tariff plan with lots of exciting bonus offers. The plan gives customers with bonuses when they recharge above N100. But you’ll have to use a special recharge method to activate the bonus.

Use 888PIN# to recharge your phone with N100 and above. This tariff is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Below is how it works;

  1. A recharge of N100 gives you a 300% bonus making it N400 in total.
  2. A recharge of N400 gives you a 1200% bonus making it N1600 in total
  3. A recharge of N750 gives you a 2250% bonus making it N3000 in total.
  4. While a recharge of N1500 gives you a 4500% bonus making it N6000 in total.

How to check MTN Awuf4U Balance

Below is how one can check their MTN Awuf4U balance;

  • Dial 55914# on your MTN Awuf SIM
  • Wait for an SMS containing your MTN Awuf4U balance. To find out more details about your balance dial 1411#.

This article provides you with everything you need to know about how to check MTN airtime and bonus balance on your phone. And also a popular MTN tariff plan; the Awuf4U plan.

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