How To Activate CIG Prepaid Meter


Do you wish to know how to activate CIG prepaid meter? This article is the ultimate guide for you. So, let’s dive in!

cig prepaid meter

People around the world are steadily looking for ways to make life easier and better. Things are been updated daily and the power sector is not left out.

Gone are those days that Power sector officials, (NEPA officials), will come to your house and disconnect you, just because you did not pay your NEPA bills. This means you have to pay your electricity bills on time for you to have power in your house.

Today, the power sector has been upgraded, by the introduction of prepaid meters. The prepaid meters will boost easier access to electricity and cut down on utility costs for Nigerians.

So if you own a CIG prepaid meter, you are at advantage, compared to those still using the old electricity meter. I know you might be having issues with activating your CIG prepaid meter.

This article would teach you how to activate your CIG prepaid meter. But, before we go into the activation process, let’s show some things you need to know before you activate your CIG prepaid meter.

Vital Things You Need To Know Before Activating Your CIG Prepaid Meter

  1.  Your CIG prepaid meter has a number and it is written on the CIG prepaid meter. This meter number would be used by you whenever you want to make payment.
  2. Your account number you used in making the payment would also be the account number on your bill. This account number is connected to your meter number.
  3. When there is no power supply, you can use the batteries to power up the device.
  4. The cable which is used to power up the device when there is a power supply is also used to communicate with the meter and the CIU-PC1 device.
  5. Please, ensure that the CIU-PC1 device should not be plugged in, when a generator or any other power supply that is not connected to the meter, is giving the power. If you also plug it into voltage regulators, it will not function.

Activation Process

Before you commence the activation process of the CIG prepaid meter, make sure you have received the three (3) sets of digital pins from IKEDC. Those sets of digital pins are what you will use to activate your CIG prepaid meter.

If the pins have not been sent to you, then you have to reach out to the electricity company for them to send you the three sets of digital pins.

Note that the first set of the digital pin is your meter number. The second and third sets of digital pins are the activation codes you will use to connect your meter number to your account number.  

Also, ensure that you use the CIU-PC1 device only when there is a power supply in your apartment or your meter.

Now, follow the activation steps below carefully.

  1. Input the eleven digits which should match with your meter number and then press the “Red Button”.
  2. Within a few seconds, a message “Connect” will pop up, then “Success”.
  3.  Input the first twenty (20) digits and then press the “Red Button”.
  4. A message showing “Connect” will appear and then a beep which will show something that looks like “15t” will also appear. This shows that you are on the right track as long as you do not see any message like “Failed” or “Reject”.
  5. Input the second twenty (20) digits and then press the “Red Button”.
  6. Again a message “Connect” and  “Success” will appear.

Congratulations on the successful activation of your CIG prepaid meter!

You can keep it plugged if you intend to load it. Because as soon as you unplug it, it will automatically get disconnected from your meter.

Also, read the manual that comes with the CIU-PC1 device so that you can be able to perform various operations like checking your balance and loading credit.

Hope this article on how to activate CIG prepaid meter was helpful to you. Please, leave a comment below about your views of this article.  

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