First Bank Whatsapp Banking

First Bank Whatsapp Banking: What it is and How to use it


First Bank is one of the oldest commercial banks in Nigeria licensed by CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria). The commercial bank in a bid to simplify the banking experience for their customers has come up with chat banking on WhatsApp. They call it “First Bank WhatsApp Banking”.

WhatsApp Banking is now a common thing amongst banks in Nigeria. Another bank using the WhatsApp platform is Access Bank. Here, we’ll be discussing everything concerning First Bank WhatsApp Banking and how to use the banking platform.

How to use First Bank WhatsApp Banking

First Bank Whatsapp Banking

Below is how you can use the First Bank WhatsApp Banking;

  1. Add 08124444000 to your contacts, which is the First Bank WhatsApp number.
  2. Make sure your WhatsApp number is the phone number linked/registered to your First Bank account.
  3. Send a message to the First Bank on WhatsApp. Note: by doing this, you are accepting their Terms and Conditions.
  4. Provide your account number and validate your account using your debit card.
  5. Setup your WhatsApp PIN. This is the PIN required to perform transactions on First Bank WhatsApp Banking.
  6. Start transacting.

Types of transactions on First Bank WhatsApp Banking

Below is the list of transactions that can be done on First Bank WhatsApp Banking;

  • Check your balance
  • Send Money (Both for Self & Others)
  • Pay Bills
  • Buy Airtime & Data
  • Generate your Mini-Statement

Is First Bank WhatsApp Banking Free?

Sadly, transactions on First Bank WhatsApp Banking are not free. Customers will be charged N10 to check the balance.

If you’re sending money to yourself, it’s free while sending it to others attracts a fee of N52.50. Payment of bills attracts between N52.50 to N105.00 with Value Added Tax inclusive.

How to change or rest First Bank WhatsApp Banking PIN

It’s simple to change the PIN of your First Bank WhatsApp Banking. Go to “settings” and select the “Change PIN” option. You’ll need to provide the old PIN before you can change to a new one.

If you can’t remember your old PIN, simply select the “Reset PIN” option instead in the “Settings menu”. To rest your PIN, you’ll need the debit card that’s linked to your First Bank account.


How secure is First Bank WhatsApp Banking

WhatsApp is one of the most secured social messaging tools with end-to-end encryption. Only the sender and the recipient have access to the information in the chat. So, banking with First Bank on WhatsApp is very secure and reliable.

Make sure your debit card hasn’t expired, and your WhatsApp number is the same number linked to your account. The phone number you use in receiving SMS notifications from First Bank is what you should use. Unlike USSD banking, you need to have an active internet connection to use this service.

This is everything you need to know about First Bank Whatsapp Banking and how to use it. This platform allows customers to keep in touch with First Bank anytime and anywhere.

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