Your Ticket to Canada: How to Work in Canada via REP


Canada has rolled out an exciting new work permit initiative aimed at streamlining the process for skilled foreign talent. Dubbed the Recognized Employer Pilot Program (REP), this simplified pathway offers international professionals expanded opportunities to secure Canadian jobs and kickstart rewarding careers in North America’s second largest economy.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the REP Program phases, key features, eligibility requirements, and the simplified application process. Find out how you can take advantage of this new program to pursue your goals of working and living in Canada.

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What is the REP Program?

The REP Program is a pilot project launched by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in September 2023. It aims to cut red tape for pre-approved employers seeking to hire global talent through a streamlined labor market assessment. Qualified companies can obtain multi-year LMIA approvals, removing job offer restrictions and shortening work permit processing times.

Phases of the REP Program

  • Phase 1 (Sept 2023 – ongoing): Focused on agricultural occupations like farm workers, livestock laborers, and machinery operators.
  • Phase 2 (Jan 2024 – ongoing): Open to skilled professionals across diverse industries including technology, engineering, healthcare, and business.

This pilot is scheduled to run through September 2024 but could become permanent based on its success at attracting and retaining international workers.

Key Benefits of the REP Program

Some key advantages the REP Program offers foreign nationals include:

  • Longer LMIA Validity: Approved employers can receive 3-year LMIA certificates instead of the usual 1-2 years.
  • Lengthier Initial Work Permits: Workers are eligible for 24-month permits rather than 12 months under a regular LMIA.
  • Permit Extensions: Permits can be renewed for an additional 24 months based on ongoing employment.
  • Simplified Application: The process is streamlined through pre-approved employers versus individual LMIA applications.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Continuous skilled work allows qualifying for permanent residency programs under Express Entry or Provincial Nominee routes.

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for the REP Program you must:

  • Find eligible employment with a pre-approved Recognized Employer
  • Meet job requirements like education, skills, and experience
  • Have a valid job offer for full-time ongoing work
  • Pass security and medical screenings
  • Meet language ability standards for your occupation
  • Not be prohibited from entering Canada

Application Process

The application process involves the following main steps:

  1. Research pre-approved Recognized Employers on Job Bank Canada
  2. Apply directly to employers for suitable job openings
  3. Secure a valid job offer letter from the Recognized Employer
  4. Employer will submit your LMIA-exempt work permit application
  5. IRCC will process application within a target service standard of 2 weeks
  6. If approved, apply for your work permit from a visa application center
  7. Enter Canada and commence new role with the Recognized Employer

Wrapping Up

The REP Program presents a highly favorable pathway for skilled professionals worldwide aiming to forge careers in Canada. By harnessing this simplified process, you can be well on your way to securing stable Canadian employment, earning valuable experience, and ultimately pursuing long-term residency goals. I encourage you to give this opportunity a shot- the future is looking bright.

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