New UK Work Visa Opens Doors for Nigerian Teachers


The government of the United Kingdom has announced an exciting new work visa program aimed at recruiting talented teachers from Nigeria and other African nations. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Nigerian teachers to work and live in the UK.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the requirements, process and benefits of the new UK work visa for teachers. Read on to fully understand this pathway for Nigerian teachers to launch their careers in the UK!


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Overview of New Work Visa Program for African Teachers

  • Launched by UK Home Office to attract teachers globally
  • Aims to fill teaching jobs and skills shortages in the UK
  • Specifically targets teachers from 9 African countries including Nigeria
  • Provides a direct route for Nigerian teachers to work in the UK

The UK is experiencing a shortage of qualified teachers in many subject areas. This new visa program helps fill that gap by inviting teachers from abroad. Nigerian teachers are especially desired due to their high quality training and English proficiency.

Requirements for Nigerian Teachers to Qualify

To be eligible for the UK work visa as a teacher from Nigeria, here are the main requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree minimum – You need at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in teaching or your subject area.
  • English language skills – You must have strong English language abilities, both written and spoken.
  • Job offer from UK school – You need a actual teaching job offer from a school in the UK.
  • Sponsorship – Your employing school must be an approved visa sponsor.

Meeting these requirements means you can apply for the work visa as a Nigerian teacher. Let’s look closer at the types of visas available.


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Visa Categories Open to Nigerian Teachers

There are two main UK visa categories open to Nigerian teachers:

Graduate Visa

  • For Nigerian teachers who studied in the UK
  • Work in UK for up to 2 years after graduation
  • Sponsorship from your UK university required

Skilled Worker Visa

  • For Nigerian teachers without UK degrees
  • Can work for up to 5 years with renewal
  • Requires job offer from approved UK school sponsor

The Skilled Worker Visa is the main pathway for most Nigerian teachers without a UK degree. It provides an opportunity to build your teaching career in the UK.

Step-by-Step Process for Nigerian Teachers

Here is the step-by-step process Nigerian teachers can follow to get the UK work visa:

1. Obtain Bachelor’s Degree

  • Earn at minimum a bachelor’s degree in education or your teaching subject.

2. Achieve English Proficiency

  • Ensure you have strong English communication abilities, with certification if possible.

3. Apply to UK Schools

  • Search job boards and directly apply to teaching positions at UK schools.

**4. Secure UK Job Offer **

  • Successfully interview and obtain official job offer from a school.

5. Get Sponsorship

  • Confirm the school can and will sponsor your work visa.

6. Submit Visa Application

  • Work with school to prepare and submit complete visa application.

7. Relocate to the UK

  • Once approved, you can relocate to start your teaching job in the UK!

This straightforward process can make your dream of teaching in the UK a reality.

Benefits of Teaching in the UK as a Nigerian Teacher

There are excellent benefits you can enjoy as a teacher migrating from Nigeria to the UK:

  • Higher Salaries – Teachers earn significantly more compared to teaching jobs in Nigeria.
  • Career Growth – Opportunity to advance your teaching career in the renowned UK education system.
  • Training – Access to instructional training programs to boost your classroom abilities.
  • Travel – Ability to explore and travel around Europe during school breaks as a UK resident.
  • Path to Settlement – After 5 years on the visa, teachers can apply to settle in the UK permanently.

The combination of high pay, career potential, and opportunity for permanent settlement make teaching in the UK an appealing choice for Nigerian teachers.

Criteria for Earning Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

To teach in UK state schools, teachers must earn Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) certifying you meet all standards. Here are the main criteria:

  • Hold a UK Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Pass skills tests in English, maths and IT
  • Complete teacher training program
  • Meet Personal, Social, Health and Economic education standards
  • Adhere to Teachers’ Standards in areas like planning, teaching, assessment etc.

Nigerian teachers who meet the above criteria through UK-recognized training programs and certifications can qualify for QTS.


Top Tips for Nigerian Teachers Wanting to Work in UK

Here are top tips for Nigerian teachers to maximize their chances of securing a teaching job in the UK:

1. Get your degree certified – Have your Nigerian teaching degree validated by UK authorities to prove equivalency.

2. Showcase English fluency – Demonstrate strong spoken and written English in your CV, interviews and communications.

3. Highlight technical abilities – Teaching technology skills are highly valued in UK schools. Showcase your strengths.

4. Apply to shortage subjects – Target jobs in high need areas like maths, sciences, technology where demand exceeds teacher supply.

5. Market cultural awareness – Stress your ability to teach effectively in a multicultural environment as a Nigerian teacher.

6. Partner with recruitment agencies – Work with teacher recruitment agencies who can match you to the best UK job opportunities.

Following this guidance will help you stand out and get hired at a UK school as a Nigerian teacher.

Expanding List of Eligible African Countries

Initially teachers from 9 African countries are eligible for the new UK work visa program:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Uganda
  • Seychelles
  • Eswatini

The UK government has indicated this list will expand over time to include many other African nations. This presents growing opportunities for African teachers in the coming years.

Long Term Plans for UK Visas and Nigerian Students

The UK recognizes that many Nigerian students remain in the country after graduating. On average each Nigerian student brings 9 dependents with them.

As a result, future UK visa rules for Nigeria will likely be tightened for students to reduce immigration numbers. However, the new teacher work visa provides an avenue for qualified Nigerians to continue coming to the UK in the long term.


The new UK work visa for teachers presents a tremendous opportunity for Nigerian teachers to relocate and pursue an exciting career in the UK. The demand for teachers in the UK combined with your superior qualifications as a Nigerian teacher makes you an ideal candidate.

Follow the step-by-step guidance provided above to maximize your potential for successfully getting hired at a UK school. The process is very achievable if you meet the degree, language and employer sponsorship requirements.

Teaching in the UK will bring higher income, greater job stability, career growth and the chance for you and your family to settle there permanently. Act now on this opportunity while the new UK work visa program is available for Nigerian teachers. Best of luck realizing your dreams of teaching in the UK!

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