20 Black Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Here are amazing 20 black natural hairstyles for medium length hair. This article would give you captivating insights. So, let’s begin!

Recently, the naturally curly hair in all it’s glory has received more recognition and appreciation than it had in the past.

So many people out there are not aware of this, but medium length hair is the best to experiment with and different wonderful looks can be credited with it.

You see, black don’t crack and neither does our hair. So, if you want to change your looks or you need a breathtaking hairstyle that will bring out the black girl magic in you and at the same time won’t need you breaking your bank to achieve, then this article is especially for you.

And just as excited as you are, so am I to reveal these styles to you.

Black Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Half-Up Double Buns

If you want a look where your hair does not touch your face but, at the same time get to flaunt the length and thickness of it. This style is your style and is also suitable for casual outings.

Flat Twist Pigtails

Add this style to your list of protective hairstyles. It is gorgeous, simple to wear, and suitable for any occasion, be it office or casual functions.

Side Twist And Top Knot

If you are a lover of the regular knot styles and you are also in need of something that will take your look to the next level, then this is the style for you. This look will spice up your usual look. All you have to do is add one or two side twists or more, depending on how you want it and you are good to go. It’s that simple.

Flat Twist Bang Buns

This is another beautiful way of styling your regular bun hairstyle. It is a very cute hairstyle and easy to braid.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are one of the most popular braids known for its protective styling. And by protective styling, I mean styling that protects your hair from breaking or edges ( baby hairs) from falling off.

It’s just like the usual traditional braids but this time around, it’s thicker and bolder.

It’s beautiful, still in trend, and will suit anyone.

And the best thing about these goddess braids is that they are of different types, so you’re not limited to a particular type.

And no, you won’t be disappointed. With this style, you are sure to look like a goddess.

Natural Frohawk

This beautiful style suits medium hair length perfectly well. It’s for the edgy, bold, and … And if that’s the look you are aiming at then, this is the style for you. As a bonus, this style always gives off a slimmer face look. More styles can be added to it.

Bantu Knots

This is one ethnic black hairstyles. It just has this way of reminding one of their African roots.

So, if you have medium length hair, you can always rock this with pride anytime any day.

Also, it can be done to suit your preference – be it more but smaller sized ones or fewer but larger ones, it’s completely up to you. 

Pineapple Updo

Just like the name implies, the pineapple updo is a simple yet chic style. Here you place your bun or curls at the top of your hair near your forehead. This will end up achieving the look of a ponytail ( could be a bun or short curled ponytail) falling towards the face.

Flat Twist All Over

This style is done by making flat twist braids all over the hair. It’s mostly featured by sportsmen and women. It’s cute and protects the hair from breaking.

Double Buns

In this context, we’ll be looking at the double buns with natural hair. This is one quick and playful hairstyle. It does not require much to make and can be used for casual outings. But, if you want yours to look a bit different, feel free to add beads, hairpins, and any other hair product you feel like.

Triple Buns

I call it ” triple the threat”

This look will never go out of trend. It’s easy to make and eye-catching at the same time. It’s suitable for medium hair length.

Messy Half Updo

This hairstyle is one that will simply leave tongues wagging. It’s simple, chic, and trendy. This half updo ponytail on curly hair will portray the rebellious or I-don’t-care look if that’s what you’re aiming at.

Four Flat Twists Into A Low Bun

Just like the name implies, this style is achieved by making four twist braids and tying them into two low buns at your nape.

Jumbo Bun

This look is both elegant and dramatic at the same time. Although it can be used for any occasion including workdays, and it’s recently been sported as one of the popular bridal updos on brides for their weddings.

Natural Hair With Bangs

Surprisingly, this style is not so new. It has always been in trend and just might remain so. It looks chic and frames the face with beautiful curls that highlights your facial features. You’re undeniably hot on this number. It is also known as a curly afro.

Headscarf Mohawk Curls

Are you having a bad hair day….your natural curly medium hair just isn’t cooperating and just wouldn’t get straight?.

Try this style. All you have to do is use a scarf to tie your hair into a mohawk. It’s beautiful, easy to make, and less time-consuming. Besides that, it also accentuates the texture and volume of your hair in the right way possible.

The Bun With Curly Bangs

Now with this style, you’re flaunting your curls. It’s fresh, beautiful and always gives off an innocent or childlike charm, unlike the complete pull back with bun which always gives off a rather serious look.

It’s suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding, official appointments, casual day out or you’re just staying indoors.

Skinny Side Braids

It’s not every day you have to style your hair in the full curly style, although it is a beautiful style, but some days you wake up and want to add some spark to it. One way to do that is to add some braids to the side of it. Simply gorgeous, that’s what it looks like right? Especially with the other side of your face still covered in curls. This charming hairstyle is suitable for a night out with the girls and date nights too.

Pulled Back Ponytail

Hey beautiful black girl, this hairstyle can be used for any and every occasion. It’s classy and very simple to make. All you have to do is pull your hair behind you and tie it very low in a ponytail close to your nape.

Natural Braid Out

This style is a simple style that’s gotten by braiding out natural hair to get a curly and more bouncy texture. This is done to replace hours of combing and any other electronic curling machines which may be harmful to the hair. So feel free to rock a braid out stones from everyone older braids.

I sincerely hope that this list of the best and hottest natural hairstyles of all times for black women with medium hair length was helpful. Just as it’s listed above, there are many other styles available, So, feel free to explore your creativity and create your unique styles 💙.

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