How To Activate Mojec Prepaid Meter Using Code


Do you wish to learn how to activate Mojec Prepaid meter using code? This article is an amazing guide for you. So, relax as we dive in!

mojec prepaid meter

The Mojec prepaid meter has been introduced to make things easier and make electricity affordable and accessible to Nigerians. But, there are things you need to know about the Mojec prepaid meter.

This article is aimed at enlightening you about the Mojec prepaid meter and how to activate the Mojec prepaid meter using code.

When it comes to activating your Mojec prepaid meter, two situations might occur in the first step.

Mojec Prepaid Meter Activation

Step One

1)The first situation is when you want to activate it for the first time and the units you have in it gets exhausted before you bought a new one:

In such a situation,

  • Ensure that the power supply indicator on your meter is “ON” or there is a power supply in your area.
  • Turn off your inverter or generator if you have any of them on.
  • Turn your change over switch on the EKEDP power supply, (of course you would not have a power supply since you have already exhausted the units that were left on your meter).
  • Then plug the Customer Interface Unit,(CUI), into a wall socket in your office or apartment, (a socket meant for a freezer or fridge would be more suitable). Also, note that the distance of the meter to the socket is inconsequential as far as the power supply is from EKEDP.
  • Now, switch “ON” the socket where the Customer Interface Unit was plugged into. (Please note that the reason for plugging the CUI is to help the keypad communicate with the meter via the power source).

2)The second situation that occurs is when there is still a power supply in your office or apartment and you want to top up your meter. That is you still have some units left in your Mojec prepaid meter.

In such a situation,

  • Plug the Customer Interface Unit into a wall socket in your office or apartment. (Please note that the distance between the meter and socket does not matter so far as the supply is from EKEDP).
  • Then switch on the socket that the Customer Interface Unit. (Also note that the purpose of plugging the CUI is to help the keypad have smooth communication with the meter via the power source.

Step Two

After you must have finished going through any of the situations that are peculiar to your situation in step one, you must take note of the number combinations and commands on the right-hand corner of the keypad.

Then press 10 to view your meter or 01 for the available credit.

After that, if your meter number or current credit available does not appear, then you will have to extract and press the number combinations below. And this process is called “Marrying” the Customer Interface Unit with the meter.

5258 plus the 5th digit to 12th digit of the meter number.

Input: 5258 + (0101)15007104(7) + Enter (which is the blue button).

For 01011 meters: you will have something like this (525815007104 and press “Enter”)

Input: 1593570 + The Meter Number + “Enter” (which is the blue button).

For 541 meters: you will have something like this (159357054130175653 and press “Enter”)

Now, excluding the digits in brackets, that is, the first four digits (0101) and the 13th digit (7).

What will appear will be “Accepted”.

Step Three

This step would teach you how to load various tokens on the meter. The main tokens are “Credit Unit Token” and “Key Change Token”.

Credit Unit Token

You can buy the Credit Unit Token from any EKEDP cash offices, through Interswitch, Quickteller, or any other authorized payment channels.

The token is made up of the Customer’s Name, Service Address, Meter Number, Date and Time of Purchase, Amount Paid, Total Units, Monthly Charges, and the Electricity Token Number,( which comprises of 20 digits).

Note: If it is your first time to recharge, you also get an additional 20 digits token, (which is your Bonus Units). So, in such a case, you will have to load the bonus token first, before proceeding to load the main token you bought.

  • Input the 20 digits accurately into the meter,(Note: that the Bonus Token should be loaded first if it is available).
  • Press the “Enter” (which is the blue button).
  • Feedback will appear on the meter showing “Accepted”.
  • Now, press 01 on the keypad and press “Enter”.
  • The meter will show the actual current available credit,( if you followed the procedure properly).

Key Change Token

There are cases where the meter might be on a different Tariff from what it was programmed on. This could be as a result of an incorrect Tariff detail supplied by the installer during programming. In such a situation the Credit Unit Token that you bought would be able to be load on the meter.

So, Key Change Token is gotten from EKEDC HQ, Marina, which will change the meter Tariff, by allowing credit top-up on the meter.

The Key Change Token is made up of Meter Number, Date and Time Generated, Details of Changing Tariff(from and to), (Supply Group, Tariff Index and Tariff Code), and the Token Number which consists of 40 digits.

Example of Key Change Token: (2078 2686 8774 9463 0872)

(1413 1892 4375 3042 6049)

Note: The Key Change Token is FREE, except when penalty charges for bypass or meter tampering apply.

Hope this article on how to activate Mojec prepaid meter using code was helpful. Please, drop a comment below concerning your thoughts about Mojec prepaid meter.

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