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Who is Mr. Woodberry?

mr. woodberry biography

Mr. Woodberry is a Nigerian socialite, Instagram celebrity, and businessman based in Dubai. He is also widely known for his outlandish display of wealth and popularly called “White Dubai.”

Mr. Woodberry Biography

He is a Nigerian, at least that much is known. However, other details about the Nigerian big boy remain blurred, such as information on his family, state of origin, and other snippets are unknown. There are no talks of his growing years, education, or other details that should shed light on the kind of person he is. He has once said, he did his elementary education, here in Nigeria, but since his fortune, there are no verifications on whether he had tertiary education or not. Even Mr. Woodberry’s real name isn’t known.

What we do know is that he was born in Lagos state and, at some point in his life, relocated to Dubai.  

We also know that Mr. Woodberry is friends with Hushpuppi, who is another Nigerian Big boy based in Dubai.

mr woodberry and hushpuppi

Mr. Woodberry Age and Height

At the moment, we have no details about Mr. Woodberry’s age or his exact height, although we do know that he is a tall, handsome young man.

Mr. Woodberry Source Of Income

Mr. Woodberry claims to have investments in real estate. However, there seems to be no information to verify this. He also claims to be a “born una car” and somehow rose to stardom.


Mr. Woodberry Family and Wife

Mr. Woodberry has managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. There are no hints at all on his children, wife, or family.

About Mr. Woodberry Net worth

Just the same way his source of income continues to elude us, there are no real details about his actual net worth. However, judging by his lavish displays of jewelries, houses, vacations, wines, twin cars, and so on, there’s no doubt he hit it big. Looking at the few details we have, Mr. Woodberry’s net worth should be in millions of dollars, or up to $50 million.

mr. woodberry net wroth

Mr. Woodberry Arrested

Unfortunately, things took a drastic turn when Mr. Woodberry alongside Hushpuppi and another where implicated in a money-laundering claim. They are facing over 174+ fraudulent claims, and although there are no official confirmations, they may have allegedly made away with an enormous sum of money that was supposed to be used in purchasing ventilators and paying unemployment funds during this COVID 19 pandemic in the USA. At the time of writing, their properties appear to have been sealed with warrants as well.

However, the investigations are still ongoing, and there are talks on extraditing hushpuppy and Mr. Woodberry to Nigeria. At the time of writing this article, not much is known about the fraud claims.

Mr. Woodberry Instagram

You can reach him on Instagram @Mr Woodberry. However, at the time of writing this article, the account seems to be private.

Mr. Woodberry Cars

Mr. Woodberry’s cars are something that has been the talk of the town for ages. He has one of the biggest luxurious fleet of cars on the globe. In March 2020, he announced the additions of a 2019 Lamborghini Urus ($200,000) and 2019 Rolls Royce black badge dawn. Even the singer, Davido, was left with no choice but to applaud his taste in cars.

Now we know all about Mr. Woodberry Biography and net worth, let’s share some pictures of his cars.


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