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Names Of Cars, Brands, Logos, And Pictures


How verse is your knowledge about the names of cars, brands, logos, and pictures? This article will reveal more to you. So, let’s go!

Are you one of those people that have no clue about the names of cars or usually confused and mix them up?

Or do you usually feel lost or left out when conversations about names of cars are brought up? “Knowledge they say is power,” and today we’ll be discussing names of cars, so keep reading right till the end to know more.

Car Brands And Logos

There are so many names of cars and brands in the world, we might not mention all but, we’ll make sure to talk about the top and internationally recognized brands all over the world and their Logos


names of cars


Founded on March 27, 1986, by Honda Motor Company in Minato, Tokyo, Japan as their headquarters.

names of cars

Alfa Romeo

ALFA stands for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.

It was founded on June 24th, 1910 in Milan, Italy, around the edge

Aston Martin






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names of cars


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names of cars


Land Rover

names of cars



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Best American Cars In Nigeria

It’s just so unfortunate that up to date, 90% of cars driven in the country are imported from other countries. Meanwhile, America has produced exceptional car Brands for decades. They virtually own the automobile industry and as such, we list the best Cars as follows:

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Cadillac
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • Ram
  • Lincoln
  • Buick
  • GMC
  • Tesla

Types Of Cars

The type of cars people buy can be as a result of their needs or personality.

Give a car quote.

Cars are of different types, so the type of cars people drive might be dependent on the following factors

  • Interior space
  • Portability or fashion of the car
  • Trunk space
  • The Road condition
  • Speed
  • Economic/fuel consumption
  • Comfort

While, others may just like it because it’s expensive.


Most cars you see today, including commercial or privately used ones, fall in these ten categories listed below.  These cars have mass-market acceptance due to the quality and comfort they give.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

2021 BMW X6 M

If you’re one of those that like spacious interiors, then this is the type of ride for you. SUVs are practical cars with enough space for passengers and cargo. They have high ground clearance which is another added advantage to having an SUV in the country. It gives the feel of driving a lighter truck.

They are of different sizes ranging from small to mid-size and to full-size SUVs.

Examples, Mazda CX-3, Honda CR -V, Mitsubishi Pajero, 2020 Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Rav4, and more.


2020 Volkswagen Golf MK8

The first hatchback ever made was the Commerciale by Citroën in 1938. It was called the Citroën 11CV Commerciale.

Hatchback type of cars is those that have rear doors that swing upwards and is hinged at the roof. They are made in the two-box design body style which allows rear seats to be folded down when more cargo space is needed. This makes it more suitable for transporting bulky objects especially ones that need more cargo space.

(examples of Hatchback car types are 2020 Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Ford Mini, 2020 Honda, Hyundai Grand i10, Volkswagen Polo GTI, etc.


2021 BMW 740

Sedan or saloon is a four to five seaters car with a three-box design body style. That means it has compartments for the engine, passenger cabin, and trunk. It is fuel-efficient and portable. Due to the little space, it has at the trunk and large passenger cabin, it is most suitable for carrying a passenger and not cargo.


Examples: Classic sedans, Chevrolet Malibu, BMW 5-Series, Toyota Camry, etc


2021 Mini Hardtop

The Wagon is a perfect blend of sedan and hatchback. Built on the 3-box design body style of a sedan, it has a foldable rear seat and large trunks for cargo just like the hatchback.

Examples:  Audi A4 Avant, 2021 Audi RS 7, Volkswagen Passant Wagon, 2021 Mini Hardtop, Volvo XC70, etc.


2021 Jeep Gladiators

Funny thing is, most Nigerians call truck cars “pick-up”. Trucks are vehicles with high ground clearance, open-to-air cargo space, with either two or four passenger doors and a very large and extended trunk.

Examples: 2021 Ford F-350, 2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD, etc


2021 BMW M240

Convertibles or Cabriolet as they are called is portable cars with retractable rooftops. It allows both drivers and passengers to enjoy an open-air experience whenever they want to. Convertibles have different roof types, it could be Retractable hardtop, Detachable hardtop, or textile rooftops.

In Nigeria, they are commonly known to the layman as “open top” or “open roof” cars.

Examples: Jaguar XK, Cadillac Eldorado, 2021 BMW M240, 2021 Audi S5, and many others.


This is a perfect blend of the SUV and Hatchback type. It has foldable seats for more cargo, high ground clearance, larger wheels, and enough passenger space, and a four-door four seats design. heel drive system.

Mazda CX-3

Popular examples of crossovers include the Renault Captur, Acura MDX, Toyota RAV4, and so on.


2021 Chevrolet Express 3500

These can be classified as road vehicles. They are also known as multipurpose vehicles (MPV’s) or minivans. They are larger and can carry more passed gets compared to most cars. Commercial vans have just the front row seats and the rest are kept for cargo.

The most popular van in Nigeria is the Toyota Sienna. More examples are Dodge Caravan, Renault Scenic, Toyota Sienna, etc.

Sports Car

1996 Porsche GT2

Sports cars are cars with dynamic performance such as sharp steering, powerful drivetrain, and mostly two seats and two doors body type. They are made mostly for the thrill of the passengers. They are not made for cargo or carry bulky things.  They are very expensive and have the best technologies and features.

Sports cars with larger rear seat space are known as sport sedans.

Examples: 2020 Porshe Boxster, 2021 Chevrolet Corvette, 2020 Audi R8, etc.


2021 Jaguar F-TYPE

They always come in edgy designs. Might be confused for a more fashionable Sedan, but they’re not. Coupes have shorter rooftops and have little space at the rear passenger side look sporty. They are not built to carry bulky things

Examples: Ford Mustang, BMW 3 Series, Honda Civic Coupe, and so on.

The Golden Ten

If you’re a lover of all things vintage, including cars. Then it would be a pleasure to introduce you to the golden nine vintage cars.

  • 19th Century Volkswagen Beetle
  • Land Rover Defender 90
  • The old Ford Mustang (muscle car)
  • Citroen DS
  • Mercedes Benz 230E
  • Mercedes Benz 220S
  • Mercedes Benz 230
  • Land Rover Defender 90
  • 1970s Porsche 911
  • Jaguar Vanden Plas Classic

These cars are what you’ll see often while you’re driving in Nigeria. They have other names which the locals call them, such as:

  •   Volvo 700 series ( Coffin)
  •   SUV  (Jeep)
  •   Honda Accord 1986 – 1989 (Pure Water)
  •   Honda Accord 1993 – 1997 (Bulldog )
  •   Honda Accord 2002 – 2007 (End of Discussion)
  •   Honda Accord 2006/2007 (Discussion Continues)
  •   Honda Accord 2007 – 2012 (shut up)
  •   Honda Accord 2012 – 2017 (Anaconda)
  •   Toyota Camry 1991-1996 ( Orobo)
  •   Toyota Camry 1997-2001 (Millennium)
  •   Toyota Camry 2002 -2006 (Big for Nothing)
  •   Toyota Camry 2007 – 2011 (Spider)
  •   Toyota Corolla 1996 ( First lady)
  •   Toyota Avalon (Long John)
  •   Toyota Highlander ( Carton Wagon)
  •   Peugeot 407 (Jet)
  •   Volkswagen Beetle (Tortoise)
  •   Mercedes Benz 190E    (Baby Benz)
  •   Mercedes Benz 200E 198 (V-boot)
  •   1993 Mercedes-Benz S500 ( Beast)

I hope this article will give you a better understanding of cars and their brands.

Do you have other names of cars, brands and logos you would love to share with us? Let us know in the comment section.

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