VipMovies: How To Download South Indian & Bollywood Movies on VipMovies


This post details the guide to Download South Indian & Bollywood Movies on VipMovies.

Staying couched on your sofa on a Saturday? Can’t reach your friends because they are many a mile away? Movies are a great way to keep your sanity together when boredom’s threatening to rip your entire body and mind apart.


Whether you’re watching a movie with a boisterous crowd before a large cinematic screen or just you, curled at the edge of your sofa, with a huge pack of popcorn sandwiched between your legs, movies are a great way to knock off that big ball of boredom and stress.

Bollywood movies are truly captivating. They can draw out your emotions like water seeping out of a rock with moving performances from their casts. Sometimes they can sink your heart so deep with heart-wrenching performances that can make your face wet with tears.

And because we know they keep you totally glued to your seat, and you’re an avid fan of Bollywood movies especially those from the Southern parts of India, we have included in the meat of this article how to get them straight into your smartphones.

VipMovies have an excellent array of South Indian movies. You can also find a variety of other Bollywood movies. And just in case the name of an American movie pops up in your head, VipMovies has you totally covered. You can download your favourite American movies and TV Series on the website.

You are hungry to watch a movie that’s not out on yet? The site allows you to request for the movie to be uploaded through its Facebook handle. There, you can drop the name of the movie.

How To Download South Indian And Bollywood Full Movies In Hindi on VipMovies

Here, we’ll walk you through on how to get South Indian movies on your smartphone in no time.

Step 1: Open your Internet browser or your preferred browser, and enter

Step 2: Once through, on your smartphone screen will appear a list of uploads. Flick upwards and you will find another long list of latest movies already on the site. Swipe upwards a little more and you will find a long list of movie categories.

Step 3: If why flicking through, you find the movie you are looking for in “latest uploads”, then click on it. However, if you don’t find it there, use the different options in the “movie categories”. Or simply use the search box at the top of the website to find it.

Step 4: Step 3 walks you straight into the movie’s page where you find the starcast, genre, director attached to the side of the movie thumbnail. Look below, and you will find download links for the movie. There are 480p, 720p and HD downloads available.

Step 4: Click on the type of video quality you’d like to download into your smartphone. Perhaps you’ve got low phone storage, and you want 480p, just tap on the link for 480p. This takes you straight to a download website where you can now download the movie.

Step 5: Tap on “create download link” to download your video file. This usually takes a few seconds. Once created, you can now download your video file and enjoy.


Bollywood movies may not catch the eyes like American counterparts–Hollywood–but they are worth your time. And is a great website for downloading them.

HD video format is available on the site too, including Hindi TV Series if you are an avid fan of those too. Stop looking too far on the Internet for a good place to download South Indian movies. VipMovies delivers just that. And be rest assured you can never run out of them.

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