Top 10 Areas in Lagos With Constant Electricity

In the last few years, Lagos has been witnessing a series of power outage that have become the order of the day. The city has also experienced several power surges that have literally rendered the electricity supply unstable.

The constant state of power outage in Lagos has made many residents to lose hope and look elsewhere for places where they can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply.

In this article, we take a look at some of the areas in Lagos that have constant electricity.

Areas in Lagos With Constant Electricity

1.Lekki Phase 1

Lekki is one of the most developed areas in Lagos and has a very high standard of living. It is best known for its luxurious homes, good roads and proximity to the city centre.

Lekki Phase 1 is a popular area in Lagos that has constant electricity supply. The area has excellent infrastructure and is close to many commercial centers, schools, malls and hospitals.

Lekki Phase 1 is also home to

high profile celebrities such as Tonto Dikeh, Kate Henshaw, Omoni Oboli and many others. The area has a large expatriate community from all over the world including North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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2.Victoria Island

Victoria Island is one of the most popular areas in Lagos. It is home to some of the most affluent families in Nigeria, as well as a large number of expats and tourists. The area has a large number of hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, making it a popular destination for both local residents and tourists alike. Victoria Island is also home to many multinational companies who have offices here.

The island has constant electricity 24 hours per day, with power cuts only occurring during maintenance periods on weekends or national holidays. However, there are still some pockets of Victoria Island that are known to experience power outages more frequently than others.

3. Ikoyi

Ikoyi is one of the most popular areas in Lagos. It is a high-end residential area with some of the best schools in Nigeria and there are plenty of exclusive shops and restaurants.

The area also has a reputation for being very safe, as security guards are always on patrol. Most homes have private generators, but it’s also possible to get regular electricity supply from the grid if you live close enough to it.

It’s not uncommon for residents to run into power cuts, but they are usually short and rarely last more than an hour or two.

If you want to live in a gated community with regular electricity, then Ikoyi is probably one of your best options.

4. Banana Island

If you are looking for a place that has constant electricity, you can look into Banana Island. This is a community where electricity is available all the time. The residents of this town enjoy the luxury of having an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

There are many reasons why this community has been able to enjoy continuous power supply. One of these reasons is that the area has been developed by the government and other agencies in such a way that it enjoys full support from them.

Another reason why this place has constant electricity is that it is not close to any other towns or villages where there might be power outage issues. It is also far from any areas with frequent power blackouts so it does not have to deal with any such problems.

5. Ikeja GRA

Ikeja GRA is one of the areas with steady electricity in Lagos. It is home to influential people in the society and therefore, it is expected that they have enough money to pay their bills on time. The cost of living in this area is relatively high as compared to other areas in Lagos.

The area also has a lot of entertainment facilities like clubs, bars and restaurants. You can even find hotels if you need to stay for a night or two before moving on to your next destination.

6.Lekki Pennisula

It’s no secret that Lagos has been facing power outages for a very long time. While most parts of the city are hit by blackouts every day, some areas are lucky enough to be spared from the scourge.

Lekki Pennisula is one of these lucky places. Lekki Peninsula is the area in Lagos with the most steady electricity. It is also home to many of the state’s top officials, celebrities and other high net worth individuals.

7. Maryland

Maryland has a steady electricity supply and this makes it one of the most sought after areas for both commercial and residential purposes.

The area has good facilities such as schools, churches, hospitals and recreational centers.

The area has good security presence with regular patrols by police officers around the neighborhood.


Ogudu is a suburb in Ojota, Kosofe Local Government Lagos State, Nigeria. Ogudu GRA and Ogudu Orioke make up the neighbourhood of Ogudu

The highpoint of this area is that it has constant electricity supply throughout the day, unlike other areas in Lagos where there is no electricity between 5am and 8am every morning.

There is also a very good road network in Ogudu which makes it easy to get around the area even at night.

9. Alapere

Alapere Ketu is a densely populated Lagos suburb, Abgoyi Ketu Local Council Development Area.

Alapere has a steady electricity supply. It is one of the few areas in Lagos that has this privilege and it is an advantage for those who live there.

Alapere is not just an area where you can get electricity, it also has a lot of amenities such as banks, schools and other facilities that are important to every Lagosian.

10. Ogunsanya

Ogunsanya is located in Surulere local government area of Lagos State and lies next to Akangba. It is named after Adeniran Ogunsanya.

The area has a steady electricity supply and it has no risk of blackouts. The power supply is so reliable that you can even bank on it for your business needs. The only time you will experience power interruption is when there are scheduled maintenance works by the power provider.

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