Apply for $7,000 Scholarship for MBA studies by Go Global (2024)


If your plan after your first degree is an MBA abroad, then this might be an opportunity for you as the Go Global MBA Scholarship scheme is offering up to $7,000 in tuition fees. What this means is that you will get up to $7k off your fee, if you are selected among the lucky students.

This scholarship is open to all international MBA students and this could be your opportunity to get funded by a globally recognized MBA awarding institution.

 So, the question is, how can one apply for this scholarship, what are the criteria for selection and why should one apply? This article will detail everything you need to know. First, lemme tell you a few details about the Go Global MBA Scholarship 2024.

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What is the Go Global MBA Scholarship 2024?

Go Global MBA Scholarship is an initiative from which is a member of the Educations Media Group. Their primary aim is to train students to become successful business leaders. If you get selected, you will receive up to $7,000 in scholarships for your MBA.   Let’s talk about selection criteria;  
For you to be selected here, you must show outstanding academic prowess passion for development, and interest in global business.

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What are the Benefits?

There are many great benefits to receiving the Go Global MBA Scholarship:

  • Money for fees: Get up to $7,000 to cover your MBA tuition fees
  • International experience: Study in a new country and experience a different culture
  • Develop leadership: Shows your academic potential and leadership skills
  • Resume boost: Gets you noticed and improves your resume
  • New connections: Meet new people and network with top MBA peers
  • Personal growth: Develop yourself personally and professionally

As you can see, this scholarship offers both financial help and valuable professional development. It can really help launch your global career.

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

To apply for the Go Global MBA Scholarship 2024, you must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • Applied for an MBA program starting in Fall 2024
  • Have 5 years or less of full-time work experience
  • Meet the entry requirements for your chosen MBA program:
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Meet language proficiency standards
  • Eligible to get a student visa for your study country
  • Studying in a country where you don’t have citizenship
  • Studying outside your current country of residence

So this scholarship is open to upcoming MBA students worldwide. You just need to be studying abroad and meet the entry criteria.


What is the Application Process?

Applying for the Go Global MBA Scholarship is not too complex. Just follow these steps:


Step 1: Check if you meet all the eligibility criteria

Step 2: Create an account on the scholarship website

Step 3: Fill out the online application form

Step 4: Submit the form and required documents like transcripts

Step 5: Wait for application results!

The application form asks for personal details, education, work experience, and your MBA goals. You need to write a 400-500 word essay about how an MBA will help your career.

What is the Deadline to Apply?

The application deadline for the Go Global MBA Scholarship 2024 is April 24, 2024. This deadline is coming up in about 7 months. It is recommended to apply early for the best chance of getting the scholarship. The application takes time, so start preparing now!

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What are the Selection Criteria?

The Go Global MBA Scholarship winners are selected based on:

  • Academic achievement: Your grades and academic record
  • MBA potential: How an MBA will benefit your career
  • Financial need: Your ability to pay for the MBA
  • Global mindset: Interest in international careers
  • Leadership skills: Extracurriculars and community engagement

So they look for well-rounded students who will thrive in an MBA program abroad. Your grades, goals, leadership experience, and financial situation are all considered.

How Much is the Scholarship Worth?

The Go Global MBA Scholarship provides up to $7,000 towards MBA tuition fees. The exact award amount depends on factors like:

  • Your financial need
  • The cost of attendance at your chosen business school
  • Number of recipients selected
  • Availability of funds

But recipients can get a maximum of $7,000. For MBA students, this amount makes a big difference in affordability.

How Many Scholarships Are Awarded?

The number of scholarships awarded each year varies. But typically up to 15 students receive the Go Global MBA Scholarship. There are many applicants from around the world. The applicants with the most outstanding applications get selected. Even if there are many applicants, it’s still worth applying if you are eligible. You have a good chance if you apply early and have a strong application.

Which Countries Are Eligible?

The Go Global MBA Scholarship is open to students from any country who will study abroad. There are no restrictions based on your nationality or country of residence. You just cannot study in a country where you are a citizen or permanent resident. So students worldwide are encouraged to apply!

Which MBA Programs Qualify?

You can use the Go Global MBA Scholarship for a full-time MBA program at any accredited business school worldwide.

The key requirements are that:

  • The program must be at least 1 year long
  • It must lead to an MBA degree
  • It must start in Fall 2024

So you have lots of options! Select an MBA program you are admitted to and passionate about.

Can I Defer the Scholarship?

No, the Go Global MBA Scholarship is only for MBA programs starting in Fall 2024. If you defer your admission to a later semester, you will lose the scholarship. It is tied to the specific MBA intake you applied for. The funds cannot be transferred to a different start date.

How are Funds Paid Out?

The scholarship funds are paid directly to your business school, not to you. The $7,000 award is deducted from your first-year MBA tuition fees. So you don’t have to worry about directly receiving or managing the money. It will automatically be adjusted in your university account.

Are there any Ranking Requirements?

No, you can use the Go Global MBA Scholarship at any accredited business school globally. There are no ranking requirements. Of course, gaining admission to a top-ranked business school can strengthen your scholarship application. However, students at any university worldwide are eligible.

Key Tips for Applying

Here are some top tips for writing a strong application:

  • Start early – Give yourself plenty of time to apply
  • Follow instructions – Carefully adhere to all requirements
  • Write clearly – Craft well-organized, mistake-free essays
  • Highlight achievements – Feature your top accomplishments
  • Get feedback – Ask mentors to review your essays
  • Express passion – Demonstrate your interest in an MBA abroad
  • Be detailed – Provide specific examples wherever possible

Following these tips can help your application stand out from the crowd!

Additional Requirements?

There are no additional requirements after you are selected. You do not have to take any special classes or have ongoing reporting requirements. The only requirement is that you complete your MBA program successfully in order to receive the full scholarship amount.

How are Winners Notified?

All applicants will receive notification about their application status by email. The notifications are sent out after the application deadline. If you are selected, the email will provide the next steps to confirm your scholarship place. Be sure to regularly check your inbox around the end of April 2024.

Can I Apply Again if Rejected?

Yes, you can re-apply in future years if your application is unsuccessful. You can apply up to two times. Just update your application with any new achievements. Gaining more work experience can often strengthen re-applications.

How Does this Scholarship Help Your Career?

Here are some of the key career benefits of winning this scholarship:

  • Gain international exposure to boost your employability globally
  • Connect with multinational companies recruiting MBA grads
  • Learn new skills and knowledge to advance your career
  • Enhance your resume by highlighting this prestigious award
  • Expand your professional network worldwide
  • Show your passion for global business and management

This scholarship certainly helps open doors for global management roles! So in summary, the Go Global MBA Scholarship is an amazing opportunity to fund your MBA dreams and gain international experience. Apply before the April 24, 2024 deadline to be considered for this competitive award.

With up to $7,000 towards your tuition, it can make a huge difference in affordability. Start your application today and take the first step towards achieving your global MBA ambitions.


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